The bookcover for Your Little Big You Adventure

A Must Read

For too long, how to discover and know your true identity has been hidden, presented in strange ways, and made to seem difficult or impossible to achieve!

This is the “made simple” version of how to know your one true identity. It is the key that will unlock your power of enlightenment.

Surviving a life-threatening illness in early 2018, I went home thinking I would slip back into my former lifestyle. Quite suddenly I realized my priorities had changed.  I needed to pass on to my family a part of my life story, those important learnings that could be of value to them.

I began to write with that idea in mind. Soon the writing got much bigger and I realized that I needed to write this information down so it could be useful to everyone and anyone.

In giving my report of personal transformation towards enlightenment, some of my personal but relatable battles became part of the story.

The root problem of human life is our false, limited, and inadequate sense of self, our fuzzy identity. Others have told us who and what we are. We need to be told that again but this time by and for ourselves.

If you continue accept and believe what others have said you are, every decision you make will be wrong for you. The life you could have had, YOUR life, has been stolen from you.

It is time to take it back!

Your Little Big You Adventure
be your guide.

The “AHA” Moment

I’ve always had an interest in finding out the answers to the big questions…

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light.” Dan Brown, author of The Lost Symbol

That “Ah Ha!” moment is just waiting to happen to you!

A Reader Testimonial

It’s an enjoyable book that reads like a play with great visuals to imagine yourself as the main character. The author offers multiple resources that you can try out, select from, and use in your own efforts to search for and discover your true identity. The author states that this is the key to living an enlightened life.

Most importantly, this book empowers you to take the necessary actions to establish a conscious link with yourself. Then you are free to move past what has been holding you back so that your potentials can become actuals during your lifetime.

Highly Recommended!

Ben S.

L. Owen Paxton