Life's Peak Experience Begins with

Knowing the Person You Are

The Series:
Possessing Life's Peak Experience

A Transformative Journey of Personal Growth

Unlock the secrets to a life brimming with joy, happiness, and fulfillment with The Art of Joyful Living. This essential new thought book provides you with practical exercises and actionable strategies to reclaim your attention and master your awareness, paving the way to lasting happiness.

  • In this interactive workbook, you’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Through engaging activities, mindfulness practices, and reflective prompts, you’ll learn how to:
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of presence and mindfulness
  • Redirect your attention from distractions to unlock joy and fulfillment 
  • Savor life’s simple pleasures
  • Navigate challenges with resilience 
  • Foster deeper connections with yourself and others

Each exercise is designed to help you integrate mindfulness into your routines, enhancing your overall well-being and enriching your life.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your relationships, find greater meaning in your work, or simply experience more joy in everyday moments, L. Owen Paxton offers the tools and guidance to empower you to create a life of intentionality, presence, and genuine happiness.

Embrace the power of attention, focus, and awareness with The Art of Joyful Living and take the first step toward a brighter, more joyful future. Your journey to lasting happiness and fulfillment begins here.



Unveil a Life of Profound Joy, and Fulfillment

This transformative guide helps you discover your true identity: one beyond your physical body, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs—this is enlightenment. 

Spiritual Enlightenment offers a proven method developed by author L. Owen Paxton after a lifetime examining how to expand and enhance human consciousness. With the guidance of a Zen master, an Indian sage, he experienced successive profound awakenings of enhanced consciousness leading to the moment of enlightenment. 

Acting on an inner calling, Paxton now shares his “Awakenings Leading to Enlightenment” method so that everyone can experience enlightenment. 

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to wipe away fearfulness, negativity, depression, and hopelessness 
  • The difference between your ego and your true self
  • The one thing your ego wants you never to do (and why you need to do it)
  • A connection to your true self, enabling you to live a life of ultimate joy, harmony, and freedom 
  • Mindfulness practices, reflective prompts, and meditation techniques
  • How to awaken your natural intuition, creativity, insight, calmness, and vision
  • Tools to cultivate a deeper sense of presence and self-awareness

Imagine a complete renewal of mind with access to wisdom previously unavailable to you as you quiet the noise of the external world and tune into the wisdom of your inner being.

Imagine a newfound sense of freedom allowing any chosen aspiration to be realized!

Enlightenment is not only available for an elite few gurus and sages. It is possible for everyone—including YOU. It is your human birthright.




Author Bio

L. Owen Paxton is a life-long free thinker and learner. After undergoing a deep personal transformation, he became devoted to the pursuit of truth in life and the living of it. Discovering that knowing your true personal identity is the key to your experiencing enlightenment, gave him the passion for making this vital, but hidden information accessible to all. Preferring to live in a natural setting, he lives in the northern Rockies within sight of the Grand Teton Mountains. He attended the University of Miami, studying finance and philosophy, when quite by a chance recommendation of a friend, took an engineering course in computers and programming. That began a long professional career as a consultant to business and government. He is married and has three adult children.
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