About the Author and the Book

About the Author and the Book

(Humorous version)

L. Owen Paxton never was one to let a good thought go to waste!

He’s an iconoclast. That’s a warning.

He’s a self-described ‘life reporter’.

In his book he deconstructs society one decorated, pre-molded, high-tech panel at a time, exposing the absurdities of modern life. It’s a quirky read with a lot of dark matter for you to digest behind the words. Eat it up. Taste and feel its strength.

No namby-pamby, airy-fairy, spiritual world view going on here. Just a harsh look at what really is. If you like horror stories this one’s for you. It’s what Paxton sees each and every day, ad nauseam.

He asks how can you deal with all this? How can you make sense of it all? What’s it all about Alfonzi?

Paxton wants to know what you think. He wants YOU to know what you think. So does his buddy Socrates.

On the other hand, who cares what we insignificant blobs of flesh think as we crawl around the surface of a teeny no-where planet?!

Just then he’ll throw all the puzzle pieces at you and tell you to get it together. Are you up for the ‘puzzle challenge’?

Anyway, be prepared for a buckshot load of Paxton‘s conclusions. They may even change your life bringing on a lightning flash realization of ENLIGHTENMENT.

Wade – on – muckers.

Paxton lives in Bummer Idaho in a van down by the river Styx.

Addenda: Read his book or don’t, he doesn’t care. He said it was enough just to write the damn thing.