Easy Deep Breathing Exercise

Easy Deep Breathing Exercise

Inspired by Dr. Andrew Weil’s Work

The Problem: We are habitual shallow breathers.  This results in low blood oxygen levels encourage poor health.

The remedy is simple, and fun!

1. Through your mouth exhale all the air out from your lungs. Then exhale again.

2. Through your nose inhale to a mental 4 count (In your mind count 1, 2, 3, 4).

3. Hold your breath to a mental 7 count (In your mind count 1, 2, 3, …7).

4. Through your mouth exhale out all the air to a mental count of 8 (mind count 1, 2, …8).

5. Now repeat steps 2 through 4, four repetitions per session.  That’s it, simple!


You’ll experience the benefits the first day! Reversing your body’s oxygen starvation results in benefits you’ll feel right away. Dr. Weil: You’ll have transformed your life and health for the better in only 4 weeks.

Do Deep Breathing twice a day. More is better. Anytime, anywhere you want. Drawing fresh air into 100% of your lungs will eliminate all harmful stale air. My favorite is to Deep Breathe while sitting outdoors in direct sunlight.

For YOGA fans:

 As you draw all that fresh air into your lungs also visualize vibrant sunlight being drawn in through the top of your head, down your spine, energizing all your body’s chakras (energy centers). Visualize that energetic lightening-like vibrant yellow solar energy present everywhere in your body, gathering all negative, harmful conditions within your body and expelling all of that gathered dark residue back out through the top of your head, to be burnt up by the massive power of the sun & its light.

Note: We fail to appreciate what the star we call the sun, means to us. We just take it for granted.  Take a moment to make it real to yourself that EVERYTHING (no exceptions) in our physical-material world is 100% DEPENDENT on the massive energy that the sun constantly radiates. Your daily perspective about your life will change to awe. Is it any wonder that ancient civilizations worshipped the sun as God? Most organized religions still contain elements of sun worship.

Note: People who adhere to the materialist philosophy are actually sun worshippers, whether they know it or not.