Finding the Elusive You

Finding the Elusive You

Have you ever wondered “Who am I?”

“To know what you are,
you must first investigate and know what you are not.
Discover all that you are not — your body, feelings, thoughts, time, space, this or that,
nothing concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you.
The very act of perceiving shows that you are not that which you perceive.”

~ Nisargadatta (20th Century Indian Advaita Mystic)

… Yet, here you are… perceiving!

We all have an identity that is based on our physical body looks, behaviors, etc. That identity is mostly created for us by others, only a little bit created by we ourselves. But our true identity has to do with we as this perceiver.

We now have an important clue about our true identity. It’s to be found within us, not outside of us. And within means the search must take place with our mind. Thoughts and ideas are non-physical, not like the physical part of you, your body.

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